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Foil Booster gel clear 10ml


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Super foil gel which is ready to win the hearts of the nail artists! it’s a miracle assistant for you and your foil art ideas, the Master of foil art – “Foil Booster”!

UV / LED “Foil booster” clear gel for smoothing of nail surface and for perfect foil nail art decoration,

It is a unique gel with an ultra-tacky adhesive layer allows you to create a variety of designs with foils

How to use 1

.Apply gel polish and cure in the lamp;

2. Remove the adhesive layer from the gel polish;

3. Apply the “Foil Booster” gel on the nail

4. Cure “Foil Booster” in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 60 seconds;

5. Use the foil attaching it by matte side. Lightly press it to the nail, and then smooth it with a silicone brush;

6. Take the foil off from the nail. If the pattern is not transferred somewhere, attach it in the place again.

7. Buff the edge of the nail with a soft buffer ;

8. Apply Ritzy Nails “Glaze” top coat and cure in the lamp. For best effect, apply 2 layers of topcoat.