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LIQUID POLYGEL is an acrylic modeling material with a high viscosity and thick consistency.

This is  is an innovative material for nail strengthening ( both upper and lower forms), leveling, and nail extensions of any length.

It is a perfect product for:
building up corners and side walls of the nail plate
strengthening of a natural nail of any length.

LIQUID POLYGEL is very durable, strong and is suitable for “no filing” technique.
It doesn’t burn, doesn’t shrink and has no odor.

It is  is a combination of 2 great nail products: polygel and base and  consists predominantly (70-80%) of acrylic copolymer – the main component of polygel and a small amount of the main component of base coatings.

LIQUID POLYGEL looks like a regular thick base but it has following great benefits:

The convenience and ease of the application are ensured by a familiar bottle and brush of  any base
LIQUID POLYGEL doesn’t require an additional training and is suitable for even  unexperienced technicians.
LIQUID POLYGEL is an extra strong, versatile, and wear-resistant material.
Unlike bases, it’s practically universal and suitable for all types of nails.
It is very effective on the nails where gel polish doesn’t adhere well. It is the best choice for long and flexible nails.
It doesn’t run and self-levels perfectly.
Minimal consumption ensures low cost.


Like any other builder gel/acrygel LIQUID POLYGEL requires a grounding base such as: a thin layer of Ritzy Nails Rubber Base or Mega Base Gel or Super Bond Gel or EXTEME Control Base for the best adhesion.

The viscosity of LIQUID POLYGEL may vary depending on the room temperature.
It is thicker in cold conditions and it becomes more elastic and gets the consistency
of a rubber base in warmer conditions .

When it is cold in the room put the bottle with LIQUID POLYGEL next to the radiator to make it warm or warm the bottle by holding in your hands for some time.

When the bottle is half full simply keep it on its side during application so that you can take the right amount of the product.

Ritzy Nails LIQUID POLYGEL comes in 13 beautuful shades and in Clear.
Contents: 15 ml