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Ritzy Lac GLITZY Pink Gem G3


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New: The Glitzy collection, a series of glistening reflective gel polishes.

These 7 absolutely stunning gel polishes contain reflective particles which create a mesmerizing radiance under any artificial light (ex. LED lamps, flash of the camera, etc).

The Glitzy lac looks like a very sparkly gel polish under any natural light, but under a camera flash or LED light it turnes into an extremely glittering gel polish with an amazing dazzling effect.

The Glitzy series consists of 7 gel polishes:

G1 Platinum
G2 Silver
G3 Pink Gem
G4 Silk
G5 Crimson
G6 Sapphire
G7 Agate

Ritzy Lac is a UV/LED gel polish with a perfect pigmentation and creamy consistency.

Coverage: 1 thick layer or 2 thin layers.

Curing time: 30 sec – LED lamp, 120 sec- UV lamp.

Contents: 9 ml.