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UNIVERSAL WHITE Builder Gel 15ml


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NEW! Beautiful bright white shade of iconic UNIVERSAL builder gel.

Ideal for a French manicure and for a full nail sculpt.

Ritzy Nails has developed UNIVERSAL series of builder gels to meet the requirements of almost all nail technicians.

All Ritzy Nails UNIVERSAL builder gels are:
▪️provide perfect adhesion
▪️have medium consistency
▪️nicely toned
▪️require minimum filing
▪️do not run into a cuticle
▪️do not burn in a lamp
▪️pleasure to work with.

Suitable for a salon and advanced shaping of any length.

A thin layer of Ritzy Nails Rubber Base is recommended for best adhesion!

Available in 15ml and 50ml.
Comes in 6 shades and clear.