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GALAXY set of 6 shimmer top gels


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GALAXY top gel – the final coating gel without tacky layer, clear with sparkles, which gives the amazing effects and a festive twinkle to any colour! 


Besides of the BEAUTIFUL effects GALAXY top gives 

  • the colour protection 
  • makes the product more durable and resistant, 
  • prevents chipping and cracks 


The high concentration of different coloured reflective particles provides strong and beautiful shimmering for the everyday style manicure and various types of occasional and special designs as well! 

GALAXY top gels series has the same quality characteristics as other Ritzy nails top gels and applied by standard application technology. The product has a consistency of medium density and viscosity, which allows you to apply it in a nice thin layer or can be applied thicker if you wish to add perfection to the nail surface.