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MATRIX builder gel in a bottle 10 ULTRA CLEAR (HEMA FREE)


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NEW addition to MATRIX Builder Gel In a Bottle (HEMA-FREE) series:

MATRIX 10 ULTRA CLEAR is a unique smooth and absolutely transparent builder gel in a bottle.

Key Features:

-An improved and advanced HEMA formula!
-Easy and fast leveling!
-Very strong and hard after curing!
-Suitable for any length extension as well as a nail strengthening!
-Convenience and simplicity in use!

Definitely our new favourite!

TO BE USED with a base gel for the best adhesion such as MEGA Base, SUPER BOND gel base, thin layere of Rubber Base Clear
Curing time: 45 -60 sec in LED lamp, 2 min in UV Lamp.

Contents: 15 ml