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MATRIX builder gel in a bottle KIT (a set of 4 builder gels)


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A set of 4 MATRIX builder gels in a bottles.

MATRIX Clear, Cloud, Pale Beige and Milky Rose.

MATRIX is a self-levelling builder gel with special ZERO lifting formulation.

– It can be used for short and medium nail extensions, and for uneven nail surfaces.

– It is perfect for refills and for repairing ripped, cracked, and split nails.

-It is flexible, self-levelling  and durable.

-It is easy to file and to soak-off.

– Low heat formulation.

How to use:

–       Apply Ritzy Nails Dehydrator and Ritzy Nails EXPERT primer.
–       Apply a thin layer of Ritzy Nails Rubber Base or MEGA Base for perfect adhesion.
–       Apply MATRIX builder gel and sculpt the nail.
–       Cure the gel in a UV lamp for 2 min or  in a LED lamp (48W) for 45 sec.