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Silicone DEEP-C tips STRAIGHT (120pcs)


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Dual nail tips are reusable and filled with hard gels or acrygel and then applied to the nails.

No tips, no glue and no paper forms needed.

Just apply the dual tips l (with gel or acrylic) and get a beautiful nail extension without the tips or paper forms 

How to use

1. pick the right size of your silicone tips

  1. Apply Hard gel or Acrygel to the reusable tip.
  2. Apply on the natural nail ( 2-3 mm over the natural nail free-edge, cure 
  3. use a pinching tool on the sides of the dual form, and it will pop off.
  4. Apply the sculpting layer of a product, cure. 
  5. Shape and finish the nails.