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FIBER builder BASE 04 MOUSSE is a FIBER Build UP BASE with Vat.E&Calcium

(BIAB_like system)

Now you take care of your nails in the best way possible!


The combination of hybrid base properties with silk fibers and the advantages of rubber base is an unprecedented achievement that will surely conquer the beauty industry!


Self-leveling base with a unique rubber formula with extremely thin fibers under gel and hybrid will surely appeal to you and become your number one!

Extremely strong and at the same time flexible base that will suit even extremely problematic nails .

Exceptional support and recovery for fragile and brittle nails

The formulation consists CALCIUM for nail straightening and VITAMIN E for conditioning and nail plate rejuvenation.

MUST_HAVE unique product that combines all the best properties of the rubber base and fiber system, does not burn in the lamp, allows you to build an  architecture . It makes the nail strong and resistant to external influences. Super adhesion, suitable for absolutely everyone, for both weak and strong nails.


Hard and durable thanks to silk fibers, and at the same time exceptionally flexible thanks to the rubber formula.